Membership Options

We offer four (4) separate CSA seasons during the calendar year:  Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall with each being 11 weeks in length.

We find the shorter seasons work well with member's budget and vacation plans.  We typically take a 2 week break between each season to spend some personal "re-charge" time and catch up farm work, repairs, and planning.

The following is a summary description of our three (3) Veggie/Fruit Shares (Family, Single/Couple, Half),  Market Share, and additional add-on options. Choose the one best suited for you and your family's eating habits and lifestyle.  Members may change their shares and skip weeks during the CSA Season with an appropriate adjustment to the member's account.  Your Share selection is made on the Application Page.

Share Options:

  • Family Share         $29.00/week;     $319.00/11 weeks

The Family Share is an ample amount of produce and local artisan foods suitable for 4 - 6 folks who enjoy fresh vegetables, salads, and fruits on a regular basis.

  • Single/Couple Share    $22.36/week;   $246.00/11 weeks     

Our Single/Couple CSA Share is a suitable selection for 1 - 2 folks who also enjoy fresh vegetables, salads, and fruits on a regular basis.

  •  Half Share         $14.00/week;       $154.00/11 weeks     

 Our Half CSA Share is an excellent opportunity to experience a variety of (four) 4 fresh vegetables and/or fruits on a weekly basis.

  •   Market Share           Minimum of $125.00 initial payment

Pay up front and choose the perfect amount of fresh local food best for your schedule, budget, and taste.

The Market Share is perfect for those who aren't ready for a CSA, will be away a significant part of the season, who want fresh produce when it is best for their schedule, or like to customize their order on an intermittent basis.

 How does it work?  You pay a minimum of $125.00 prior to your first order and then order your selections when you want.  You may order from the online store, or from our weekly market  selections.  Your purchase price will be deducted from the amount you have in your member account.

  • Floral Bouquet:  Sorry we are unable to accept new Bouquet Share Memberships due to availability.
  • Medium Weekly $110; Bi-Weekly $55; Large Weekly $165; Bi-Weekly $82.50
  • Milk Share: 1/2 gal @ $44.00/11 wks; Gallon @ $71.50/11 wks.
  • Egg Share: 1/2 dz/wk @ $27.50/11 wks;   1 dz/wk @ $55.00/11 wks
  • Meat Share: 10-13 lbs/Package;  A total of 3 separate individual Packages;  Total Cost for 3 separate meat packages:  $280.00      

All of the beef, pork, chicken and lamb are raised from birth on our community area small family farms.  The farmers keep their animals on pasture and supplement their grazing with hay, minerals, and minimal grain.  Our partner farmers do not use added hormones, growth stimulants, or antibiotics.

The Meat Share package cuts will save you 10 - 20% when compared by cut to our A La Cart prices.  Each Meat Share package will weigh 10 - 13 pounds. 

We offer 3 Meat Share packages during each 11 week CSA.  For each Meat Share package delivery, you must choose a package from our Meat Share Package selections.  Each cut will be fresh or recently frozen in order to deliver the cut in a safe manner.

We will substitute only when particular cuts are not available.

The Meat Share delivery schedule is as follows:

Meat Pkg.       #      Order NLT   Delivery Date
1 Week of July 16
Week of July 23
2 Week of August 13
Week of August 20
3 Week of September 3
Week of September 10










           Meat Share Package 1

  • Bratwurst
  • Bacon
  • Ground Lamb
  • Beef Kabobs
  • Bnls Chuck Roast
  • Top Round Steak

           Meat Share Package 2

  • Bone-In Pork Loin Chops 
  • Lamb Sausage   
  • Chicken Legs & Thighs
  • Ground Beef
  • Italian Pork Sausage 
  • Fresh Kielbasa

           Meat Share Package 3

  • Lamb Kabobs
  • Sirloin Tip Roast 
  • Bacon
  • Ground Beef
  • Flank Steak

           Meat Share Package 4

  • Soup Bones  
  • Eye of Round Roast
  • Beef Cubes      
  • Ground Beef
  • Whole Chicken
  • Sirloin Steak

           Meat Share Package 5

  • Chicken Legs & Thighs
  • Ground Beef
  • NY Strip Steak
  • Bnls Rump Roast
  • Beef Kabobs

           Meat Share Package 6

    • Rib Eye Steaks
    • Beef Roast
  • Sirloin Steak 
  • Ground Beef                                                      

 Current Pick-Up Locations:

  • Our Farm - Wednesday 10am - 3pm with additional hours per individual arrangement
  • Shaffer's BBQ & Catering - Wednesday 1 - 6, Woodstock
  • Shenandoah County Public Schools - Wednesday 1:30 - 4.  Please Note:  The schools selected for delivery locations will be based upon participation numbers.  The school delivery locations are only for SCPS employees.
  • Strasburg - Pot Town Organics - Thursday 1pm - 5pm
  • Arlington - Thursday 3 - 6:30, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church at Lorcum and Military Roads.

Future locations may be added.

We invite your questions and comments. 

We request you make payment for your membership when you join, or pay half when you join and the balance within the following 30 days.  If you need an individualized payment plan, please email us for arrangements.

Your early payment is a basic tenant of a CSA program as the funds assist us to pay in a timely manner the expenses associated with bringing you fresh food.

Fill out our online Application form today and reserve your CSA Farm Share.

Thank you for your support.  Without you, we would not be able to farm in a sustainable manner.